You've always been cooking these Foods Wrong!

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1) Sunny side up eggs

Cooking without a lid will result in a flawless yolk but overcooked egg whites. Adding water and a cover helps.

2) Brussels Sprouts

Boiling them makes them spongy and stinky because of the moisture in the air. Choose the correct type of heat and add bacon or a butter sauce to make the perfect dinner.

3) Rice

It's not always easy to make the ideal rice. To get the best results from your rice, wash it first to remove any excess starch.

4) Bacon

Cooking bacon in the oven has a slew of advantages. Baking the bacon on a foil-lined pan prevents it from burning and makes cleaning a breeze.

5) Marinara Sauce

Adding sugar to marinara sauce to reduce acidity is a frequent culinary tip. Instead of sugar, consider a San Marzano plum tomato.

6) Asparagus

How high should you cut each piece, and is it the same? The trick is straightforward. Bend the ends with your hands. They'll naturally snap in the correct location.

7) Chicken Breasts

If you overcook your chicken breast, the meat will be dry and tough. Invest in a meat thermometer and use it to ensure that your meat is thoroughly cooked and juicy.

8) Garlic

It is quite easy to burn garlic, which imparts a bitter flavor and can spoil an entire dish. To prevent garlic from burning, grate it instead of chopping it and cook it at a lower temperature.

9) Steak

The preparation of the ideal steak demands patience. Before cooking, let the meat to come to room temperature and rest. Additionally, it is essential to oil the steak, not the pan.

10) Pasta

Al dente pasta should be firm to the biting when cooked. The pasta water, once added to the pasta, helps the sauce adhere to the pasta and continues to cook the pasta.

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