What Every Women Deserves in A Man?

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Someone who will change your life deserves to be in your life. You deserve a somebody who will leave a lasting impression on your life; someone who will show you that they care about you.

You deserve someone who misses you when you are apart. You should be with a man who thinks about you when you're not together and counts down the hours until he can see you again.

You deserve a man who treats you with respect. You deserve a man who treats you like a queen because he recognizes your status. He should bend over backwards for you.

You merit a partner who challenges you. You deserve someone who will disagree with you and confront you. He offers his sincere viewpoint and challenges you to your very core.

You deserve to be desired. You should be with someone who kisses you every morning and looks you in the eyes with love and warmth. Be with someone who enjoys pleasing you

You deserve a partner who makes time for you. To get you acquainted with his loved ones and co-workers, he's willing to do so.

You are deserving of someone who genuinely cares about you. You deserve a man who takes the time to reflect on life's important milestones and events.

You deserve someone who enjoys planning because he recognizes that it offers you happiness. You should date someone who recognizes your uniqueness and strives to make you happy.

You deserve a romance. You deserve a gentleman who is aware that chivalry is not extinct. He unlocks doors, pulls your chair out, and pursues you. He is skilled at wooing you.

You deserve a partner who improves you. You deserve someone who goes above and beyond to make you happy. You deserve a man who makes your aspirations a reality.

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