Vegetable Garden Flowers

Borage is a broad, gangly plant that's great in a cottage garden but messy in formal settings. It's a garden herb.


Calendula is a daisy and not related to Tagetes marigolds. Marigolds are edible, although they're bitter. Their orange colour brightens a dish.

Pot Marigold 

Green lacewings devour aphids, scale, and thrips voraciously. Keeping them in your garden will help prevent pest issues.


Lavender has several uses. In addition to its lovely flowers and fragrant scent, the herb can repel plant pests.


Underrated: marigolds. They repel above- and below-ground pests. Marigolds deter rabbits. Marigolds fool Mexican bean bugs.


Nasturtiums bloom well into fall in lower conditions. Nasturtiums deter squash bugs and beetles. Aphids love them, so they're a good trap crop.


Growing sweet peas with tall peas and pole beans helps attract pollinators to your beans. Different genera prevent cross-pollination with edible peas.

Sweet Peas

Planting zinnias in the vegetable garden lets you use them as cut flowers without leaving gaps. As you harvest vegetables, gaps will appear.


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