The United States' most obnoxious wildlife

North American whales make 1000-mile-long sounds. These species' calls have dwindled. Climate change, ocean noise, or rising sea temperature could cause this.

Blue whale

Gun shrimps can stun animals by snapping their claws at 62 mph. This generates a bubble. The 200-decibel popping sound can stun or kill creatures.

Snapping shrimp

Bats can short-range echolocate. Bulldog bats use echolocation to find food. Research shows bulldog bats can make 137 dB. Rock concert volume

Bulldog bat

There are few sounds as terrifying as a lion's roar. Mountain lions, called catamounts, pumas, or cougars, seem magnificent on TV. Their sounds can be eerie.

 Mountain lions

Eastern North American bullfrogs can achieve 119 dB. Males croak louder to attract mates than females.

North American Bullfrog

Eastern Pacific elephant seals make 126-decibel sounds. Members are identified. They can sound like a mother calling her children or a menace.

North American Bullfrog

9 of the largest avian species in North America

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