The healthiest foods for children of all ages

Parents want healthy, tall children. Food and exercise help kids' health. Some kids are picky eaters, so parents leave out healthy meals.

Eggs include protein, a child's growth element. Make your youngster a protein-rich omelette with multigrain toast and milk for breakfast. Your kid will be full and focused.


Serve your toddler yoghurt or curd. Pro-biotics keep your child's gut healthy, and health starts there. Vitamin-D and calcium in yoghurt promote strong bones and height.


Breastfeeding is best. Two glasses of milk give calcium, vitamin D, and protein. Almonds and saffron are natural antibiotics; use Proteinex instead of cocoa powder.


Soy protein helps youngsters gain muscle. Lactose-intolerant children can get vitamin-D, calcium, and protein from soy milk. Soy products are kid-friendly.


Seasonal fruits provide protein-synthesis vitamins and minerals. Daily fruit intake should be 2-3. So he'll take natural multivitamins, eat well, and avoid growth-stifling processed foods.


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