Abyssinians always seem to have something to do. Strong, short-haired, angular-faced medium-sized breeds are more active.


Somali hair is longer. Somalis are friendly, interested, and active. It can fetch, play, and walk on a leash.


The Bengal cat's active personality originates from its Asian leopard origins. Bengals are smart and love to explore.


The Cornish Rex is considered the Greyhound of cats for its sleek appearance and short, single coat. Cornish Rex's silky, curled coat is allergy-friendly.

Cornish Rex

Egyptian Maus run, jump, and play. Egyptian Maus have an M-shaped mark on the forehead and two black lines on the cheeks.

Egyptian Mau

Medium-sized Japanese Bobtails are athletic. Kind, smart, and gets along with raised cats, but may be cautious of new pets or cats.

Japanese Bobtail

Siamese cats love people and talk all day. Siamese love playing with other cats and sitting in their owner's lap if they're well-exercised.


Siamese are more aloof than Balinese. Socialized puppies learn agility and leash. Balinese are another jumping, climbing species.


The Oriental is less vocal than the Siamese but does best with attentive owners and other companions.

Oriental Shorthair

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