The #1 Protein To Eat Every Day!

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Proteins are made up of amino acids, which are chemical building blocks used by your body to build and repair muscles and bones, as well as hormones and enzymes.

On average, you should consume 50 grams of protein every day, so locate a reliable source that will enhance your protein consumption and aid your body in other ways.

So which is the best Protein source to eat everyday? 
Eggs are the best source of daily protein.

Eggs can be consumed daily in a heart-healthy diet. Eggs are great protein sources. One egg has 6g of protein on average.

No matter how big or small the egg is, it will always have 125mg of protein per gram. This means that each egg contains slightly less than 13% of its total protein value.

If your diet allows it, you should consume the whole egg to acquire the greatest muscle-building macronutrient, protein, in your diet.

However, if you require only lean protein, you should consume only egg whites, as egg whites are predominantly protein and have little fat.

Alternatively, yolks are high in protein, cholesterol, and other minerals such as choline, calcium, and zinc.

Eggs are also excellent for mending muscle tissue damages after exercise. Eat an egg after your weightlifting or strenuous aerobic workout; it will help you grow leaner.

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