Seven incredible frog species

Wood Frog

The wood frog ranges from the boreal woodland of the north to the southern Appalachians, with disjunct populations in eastern North Carolina.

Northern Leopard 

The northern leopard frog is native to Canada and the U.S. Minnesota and Vermont's state amphibian.

Spring Peeper

The spring peeper, called for its "peep" cry in spring, is infrequently encountered in North America. Full-grown spring peepers are about an inch long and feature dark markings.

Pickerel Frog

The pickerel frog is uncommon among North American spotted frogs for its square or rectangular markings. The pickerel frog has orange legs.

Mink Frog

Mink frog skin secretions smell like a rotten onion, which is similar to a mink. The mink frog lives in the northeastern U.S. and central and eastern Canada.

Columbia Spotted Frog

The Columbia spotted frog which ranges from southwestern Alaska to Nevada, is another favourite. The Columbia spotted frog inhabits ponds, marshes, and lakes.

Pacific tree frog

The Pacific tree frog, also called the Pacific chorus frog, lives in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and southern Alaska.

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