Parkinson's Disease Warning Signs to Look For!

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1) Fatigue

Parkinson's patients generally notice fatigue first. At least 33% of patients have unexplained weariness so severe they can't fulfill personal or professional tasks.

2) Insomnia

Insomnia isn't always a sign of Parkinson's disease, although it can be. However, it is important to know that many people with this disease have difficulty sleeping.

3) REM sleep behavior disorder

Some Parkinson's patients acquire REM sleep behavior disorder five to seven years prior to the onset of typical Parkinson's symptoms.

4) Depression

As an early indication of Parkinson's disease, people may experience despair before even receiving an official diagnosis from their doctors.

5) Loss of the sense of smell

Hyposmia, a syndrome that affects over 90% of Parkinson's patients, might begin to develop up to ten years before other signs of the disease.

6) Difficulty perceiving others' emotions

The emotional prosody of some Parkinson's patients is affected. They have a hard time reading the emotions of the people they come into contact with.

7) Small handwriting

Prior to the onset of more noticeable motor difficulties, Parkinson's patients may have tiny handwriting. As they write, the size of their letters will tend to reduce.

8) Anxiety

Some patients suffer worry upon finding they have Parkinson's. As symptoms become more obvious, this perfectly normal reaction tends to intensify.

9) Excessive perspiration

Some Parkinson's patients may begin to perspire profusely (a disease known as hyperhidrosis) from all areas of the body. They produce so much sweat during the day.

10) Bladder problems

Parkinson's disease is characterized by a variety of urinary issues caused by a shortage of dopamine.

11) Constipation

If you've noticed fewer bowel motions or difficulty voiding, you may have constipation. Parkinson's can induce constipation.

12) Dysphagia

As Parkinson's progresses, dysphagia can become more common and can occur at any stage of progression.

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