Greyhounds lead DiNardo's list of fastest breeds. Medium-built Greyhounds were developed to seek running game, which contributes to their speed.


Salukis are known for their politeness, dignity, and independence. Fast, too. Arabs used them to hunt gazelle.


Whippets are speedy by name alone. Whippets can exceed 35 mph. The Whippet is the fastest medium-sized sighthound and was bred to hunt small game.


Dalmatians are swift and have a strong working and sporting heritage. Its speed and endurance made it ideal as a coach dog galloping behind horses.


The Weimaraner was bred for speed, scenting abilities, courage, and intelligence. The breed was originally intended to be a fast, adaptable hunter.

Doberman Pinsche

This working group breed is recognised for its fearlessness, loyalty, and quickness. Its small, muscular, and powerful build lets it accomplish high speeds.

Border Collie

When it comes to herding, the Border Collie doesn't mess around. Border Collies are known for their work ethic, agility, and athleticism.


The friendly and kind Vizsla was bred to work in the field, forest, and water, so she would benefit from some hard exercise.

Parson Russell 

Parson Russell Terriers are active, alert, and enthusiastic despite their small size. This terrier is fast and confident.

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