Is your Zodiac Sign the Happiest?

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6) Sagittarius

Sagittarians have a can-do attitude and a thirst for new experiences, which helps them maintain a positive outlook and be open to new opportunities.

 It's not uncommon for them to see the silver lining in every cloud. By cracking funny jokes, Sags are able to lighten the mood of the audience.

5) Leo

Leos are cheerful and appreciate the brighter moments of life. They wear their emotions on their sleeves and seek to transmit their own happiness to others.

Although they have a reputation for being attention-seeking, they use this trait to their advantage when entertaining.

4) Aries

This ardent, self-assured fire sign is happiest when given the opportunity to lead. Due to their can-do mentality, they can only thrive when leading the group. 

These autonomous, self-motivated, and dynamic individuals know what they want and are willing to do whatever it takes to have it.

3) Libra

Librans are all about harmony and equilibrium. To preserve their happiness, they "avoid confrontations and events that will throw them off balance.''

Libras are appreciative and enthusiastic when it comes to assisting those in need. Finding a balance signifies not just their own happiness, but also the happiness of those around them.

2) Pisces

Emotional sponges, Pisces are known for absorbing the energy of others. These people look for other merry companions as a result.

To them, the glass is half full as long as they're surrounded by like-minded friends They don't harbor resentment.

1) Gemini

Happiness is a decision for Geminis who make it every time. There is always something fresh and exciting to discover with this inquisitive zodiac sign.

Geminis have a strong sense of awareness and a remarkable capacity to communicate, making them clever and amusing.

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