Hair and nail-boosting foods


Mushrooms are high in iron and can help prevent anaemia. Mushrooms can prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth.

Fatty Fish

Nail changes might indicate nutritional deficiency. Omega 3 fatty acids increase nail health and aesthetics.


Spinach is a healthy green vegetable loaded with folate, iron, vitamins A and C, all of which are necessary for hair growth.


Zinc in oysters repairs and renews skin cells. Zinc improves hair, nails, and eye health. Even if oysters scare you, try them.


Biotin, vitamin B, E, and magnesium in walnuts build hair cuticles and nourish the scalp. Walnuts heal sun-damaged hair.

Black Beans

The nutrient biotin, which may be found in beans, promotes the growth of longer and more robust nails over time.


Protein forms hair and nails. Chicken and eggs promote hair growth and reduce hair loss and breakage. Eggs include vitamins B12 and B7 (biotin).


Vitamins A, D, E, and K in this substance strengthen nails. Chicken has vitamin B and protein, like eggs. This food contains zinc. Three nutrients boost nail development.

Coconut Oil

Mask and leave-in treatment moisturise and seal hair. Dandruff, split ends, and hair breakage are prevented. Coconut oil strengthens and grows nails.

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