The 8 Worst Foods For Your Teeth

Sour candies have tooth-damaging chemicals like citric acid. Acidic foods erode tooth enamel, making teeth more sensitive and prone to cavities.

Sour Candy

Ice chewing damages teeth. Fresh ice can harm tooth enamel. Ice can crack or chip teeth. Ice-chewing can loosen crowns.


Soda acid erodes enamel. Sugary drinks are bad. Sugar-loving bacteria cause bad breath. Colored carbonated drinks discolour teeth permanently.

Carbonated Drinks

White bread sugar. Bread forms a sticky, delicious goo when chewed. Without brushing, sugars cause cavities.

White Bread

Buttery chips and crackers are great. Annual supply of starchy foods and snacks. Most snacks aren't single-serve. Sticky white bread and other starches.

Starchy Foods

Even healthful sticky foods can damage teeth. Caramels or taffy can loosen fillings or pull out fillings.

Sticky Foods

Many nutritious meals can damage teeth. High-acid foods like grapefruits, oranges, and tomatoes damage enamel.

Acidic Fruits

Does waking up cost teeth? Healthy natural coffee (or tea) Many people can't drink coffee black. We've said sugar harms teeth.


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