Foods that are good for your teeth and gums

Cheesy! Calcium and whey protein boost oral health and restore enamel. Processed cheese dips and sprays can cause cavities.


Milk also ranks high. Milk builds healthy bones and protects tooth enamel by delivering calcium and phosphorus.

Milk suggests raw celery and carrots stimulate gums and teeth. Carrots and celery are vitamin A precursors. Tooth-strengthening vitamin A.

 Raw vegetables

"Nature's toothbrush" describes apples. Apples fight cavities and stimulate gums. Apples lower tongue acidity and remove food particles.


Spinach, kale are healthy greens. Dental health is improved. Calcium builds tooth enamel, while folic acid eases gum problems in pregnant women.

 Leafy greens

Omega-3 oil JADA research shows DHA and EPA reduce periodontitis risk. Tuna, trout, and salmon provide vitamin D and heart-healthy fats.


Nuts increase saliva production, neutralising cavity-causing bacteria. Almonds have calcium, while walnuts have vitamin E, potassium, and zinc.


Cranberries prevent plaque and bacterial adhesion. Cranberry drinks and other goods include sugar.


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