Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half With These Hacks!

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1) Keep tracks of sales

To save money, check weekly retail circulars. You'll learn to detect sales patterns and wait to buy during substantial discounts.

2) Skip the handbasket

A study indicated that basket shoppers impulse buy. Use a conventional shopping cart to stay on track. Or make a grocery list.

3) Look for clearance shelves

These are hard to locate in supermarkets, but they're a treasure trove. Stockers check shelves for broken or rebranded items.

4) Shop late in the day

This is when you can find deals on perishable items like meat, produce, and bread. Make a friend of the butcher. Often, all you have to do at the end of the day is ask for a discount.

5) Buy store brand products

You may be loyal to certain brands, but retail brands may be comparable. Your total bill will be less, and store-labeled products are generally the same quality.

6) Clip coupons

It's easy to think of a coupon as money. In fact, Bed Bath & Beyond actually counts manufacturer's coupons as cash against your purchase when you present them at the register.

7) Collect coupons from different sources

Newspapers aren't the only place to find coupons any longer. You may find them on Living On The Cheap's Coupons page, SmartSource, Red Plum, and

8) Show loyalty

Using coupons and loyalty cards can save you an average of $480 a year on groceries, despite the fact that supermarkets are tracking your every purchase.

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