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Avoid These 9 Mistakes While Making Hot Dogs!

1) Avoid boiling hot dogs

Even though they're pink, most hot dogs are already cooked. This means cooking them for hours before grilling them is usually unnecessary and can remove flavor.

2) Don't cook over direct heat

Hot dogs are little meat pieces that can readily burn over an open flame. Cook hot dogs over indirect heat to avoid scorching or overcooking.

3)Avoid poking or splitting

Using a knife or fork to test the doneness of a hot dog while it's on the grill may seem like a good idea, but you should try to resist the temptation.

4) Adjust heat as per fat content

Variable kinds and brands of hot dogs have different fat content. Adapting your cooking method to this variable is key to making tasty hot dogs.

5) Make grill hot before

Hot dogs can be ruined by a grill that's too hot or too cold, but it's also possible to ruin them by overcooking or undercooking them.

6) Prep the buns before

Toasting the hot dog buns for about a minute per side is the best method of accomplishing this goal.

7) Bath your hotdogs

Grilling hot dogs should be done in an aluminum skillet loaded with a mixture of hot beer, onions and seasonings kept on indirect heat.

8) Avoid skinless hotdogs

Not only does choosing a hot dog without skin compromise its snap, but it can also cause the hot dog to lose more moisture on the grill.

9) Use various condiment

Although mustard and ketchup work well, don't be afraid to experiment with other flavors and combinations for a gourmet experience.

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