Smoothies are a wellness and social media fad. Some smoothies and protein shakes are healthy, but others are unhealthy.


Fruit juice consumption may cause weight gain. Calorie-controlled juices include kale and low-sugar fruits like lemon.

 Fresh-Pressed Juices

Any extra sugar, even other sweeteners, might induce weight gain. Limit your total sugar consumption.


Dried fruit contains vitamins and minerals. Size and sweetness make dried fruit easy to consume. Dried fruit is sweeter and calorie-rich than fresh.

Dried Fruit

It's improbable. Iced coffee's low calories and caffeine make it a good weight-loss drink. Milk and sugar-sweetened drinks can also cause weight gain.

 Flavored Coffees

Protein bars provide a rapid energy boost for many.Some protein bars are healthful, while others are loaded with sugar and unnatural additives.

Protein Bars

Health-conscious people love granola for breakfast. Granola can contain oats, nuts, seeds, and coconut, but many have additional sweets.


Sports drinks benefit athletes and those who exercise hard. Sugary drinks can cause insulin resistance and weight gain.

Sports Drinks

Ingredients determine sushi's healthfulness. Calorie-dense rolls include tempura shrimp and sweet sauces.


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