Among the world's priciest horse breeds

Mustangs are Warmblood horses descended from Andalusian and other Spanish breeds. Short, strong, and resilient, they're smart and strong.


Thoroughbreds are the priciest horses. They have finer genetics and more expensive sires than other breeds.


Dutch Warmbloods are huge, good-tempered horses. World Equestrian Games and Grand Prix contests prize size, pace, and demeanour.

Dutch Warmblood

After generations of cross-breeding, this French sport horse became a breed in 1958. Animals are usually bay or chestnut and called French Saddle Horses.

Selle Francais

American Standardbreds are well-known worldwide. The North American breed has English ancestry. Standardbreds excel at harness racing.


They were mighty Crusade mounts. Farmers imported Friesians, often called Dutch trotters. Some are carriage and dressage horses.


Show hunters with elegant, interesting forms. Formerly used by German farmers, troops, and coaches. Show jumping and dressage have long been emphasised.


Arabians are a legendary old breed. Their endurance and grace are admired. Training an Arabian takes time. Brilliant breed.


Another U.S.-bred horse is the Morgan. Its tiny, strong form, short size, arched neck, and exquisite appearance make it Vermont's symbol.


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