Despite its high fat content, herring makes an excellent smoked fish. Even though it's delicious, smoked salmon has a lot of salt in it.


Wild or farmed salmon is debatable. If your budget allows, choose wild salmon. Easy grilled fish with a sweet-tangy glaze.


Whitefish is high in phosphorus, niacin, and vitamin B-12. 3-ounce cooked portion has 15-20 grammes of protein.


Mackerel is an oily, nutritious fish, unlike white fish. High-mercury king mackerel should be replaced with Atlantic or lesser mackerel.


Perch is a medium-textured white fish from the ocean or fresh water. Mild flavour pairs well with panko breading.

Rainbow trout

Farmed rainbow trout is safer than wild since it's raised without toxins; it's one of the greatest fish you can eat for the environment.


Vitamin-rich sardines are also oily. The canned version is easy to find and more nutritious because you eat the whole fish, bones and skin included.


Tuna is popular fresh or canned. Choose shiny, ocean-fresh tuna. It's easy to makeā€”just sear it over high heat.

Arctic char

Arctic char is salmon-related. It looks like salmon but tastes like trout. Firm, flaky, high-fat beef. Red to pink flesh.

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