9 Snacks Which You Didn't Know Are Vegan!

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1) Cracker Jacks

Because the original packaged version of this snack does not contain real caramel, it is not a no-no for vegans.

2) Fritos

Those, as well as their "scoop" counterparts, are completely vegan. Just stay away from other Fritos flavors like chili cheese and flamin' hot.

3) Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

Chocolate syrup from Hershey's? Vegan! The good news is that plant-based chocolate milk can still be enjoyed by vegans...in moderation.

4) Jello Instant Pudding

Some Jello instant pudding flavors are suitable for vegans! Vanilla, banana cream, pistachio, and lemon flavors are all acceptable.

5) Lay's classic potato chips

Vegan-friendly varieties include Bar-B-Que and Dill Pickle, but if you're stuck for ideas, stick with the original Lay's Classic.

6) Oreos

Although Nabisco won't officially label its Oreo cookies as vegan, they do not intentionally contain any animal products in its products.

7) Original Pringles

Only Original Pringles are vegan-friendly in the U.S. Most other Pringles flavors involve dairy, which makes sense.

8) Packaged Pasta

Vegan pasta is practically universal. Fresh pasta has eggs, but dry doesn't. Check egg ingredient lists, especially chilled and frozen types.

9) Skittles

Skittles used to contain gelatin, but that was removed about a decade ago in favor of plant-based ingredients. Vegans can now enjoy the rainbow alongside everyone else.

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