9 Signs That Your Soul has Past Life!

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1) Recurring Dreams

Some people believe that dreams are a window into the unconscious mind, and that recurring dreams may represent memories from previous life.

2) Out-of-place memories

People, places, and events that they've never been to can be properly described in detail by young children, which can be signs of past life.

3) Strong intuition

It's possible that you've already gained wisdom and experience from former lives if you have a strong sense of intuition.

4) Déjà vu

This phenomenon, which some say is produced by neurological discord, is also regarded to represent a manifestation of other realms.

5) You're an empath

This may signify that the soul has reincarnated many times and has the power to transcend the individual ego and expand to others.

6) Precognition

Future sight is the ability to see, feel, or imagine the future. Some say this means the soul has lived countless lives.

7) Retrocognition

However, retrocognition is a term for gaining information about the past that isn't publicly available. Another sign of a soul's reincarnation can be found here.

8) Believing you are an old soul

Another clue that you've lived multiple incarnations is that you feel older than your actual age. Your energy is a reflection of how many times you've reincarnated.

9) Fears or phobias

Fears and phobias that seem out of the blue can be a holdover from a previous existence. Fears are thought by some to be reverberations of our past traumas.

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