9 Place to Hide Things, Burglars Won't be Able to Find!

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1) Hollowed book

If you're want to keep your valuables safe, this is an age-old method that still works. Burglars aren't likely to peruse a stack of books for their next heist.

2) Cereal box

A cereal box can hold cash or minor items. Make sure they're healthy and plain so thieves won't eat them.

3) Fake pipes

When you install a faux PVC pipe, you'll be able to fill it with anything you choose. Brilliant!

4) Toilet paper holder

Using a toilet paper holder with a spring-loaded tube allows you to hide a few rolled-up dollars.

5) Pockets

It is possible to conceal your valuables in the pockets of clothes hanging on the back of a doorknob. As an example, think of pants and coats.

6) Suit case

Burglars can readily see what's inside your fireproof safe if it's full of cash or other valuables. A suitcase is an excellent hiding place.

7) Tissue box

This is an excellent hiding spot. Tissue boxes are typical household items that can be used to conceal a variety of items.

8) Cat litter

Put your valuables in a plastic bag and bury it in kitty litter. Yes, certainly!

9) Ironing board

Numerous of these possess tubular feet. Simply remove the caps and you may fill the containers with cash or valuables.

10) Bird house

Moreover, when it comes to hiding spare house keys, a birdhouse is more useful than a welcome mat.

11) Ceiling

Suspended ceiling tiles provide ideal hiding places. Having them in your home makes it a no-brainer.

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