9 of the largest avian species in North America

The snowy owl is a huge, white bird of the true owl family. Snowy owls are native to North America and the Palearctic, nesting on the tundra.

 Snowy Owl

The great horned owl is a big owl native to the Americas. It's the most widely dispersed true owl in the Americas.

Great Horned Owl

North America's biggest hawk. Ferruginous hawks are 5' long and 2' wide. 5 lbs. Ground squirrels, snakes, and rabbits are hunted in the West. 150 mph.

Ferruginous Hawk

Great grey owls are the world's longest owls. It's the only Strix species in both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

Great Gray Owl

Turkey vultures swoop high in the air. Buzzards are widespread. Their 6-foot wingspan helps them glide fast. They're 2 feet long and 3 pounds.

Turkey Vulture

The diurnal, fish-eating osprey has a worldwide range. Its wingspan is 180 cm and it's 60 cm long. It has brown upperparts and grey head and underparts.


The Mexican eagle is North America's heaviest. The 15-pound Golden Eagle's wingspan is 7.5 feet. 3-foot-long. Golden eagles inhabit Mexico to Alaska.

Golden Eagle

North America's biggest birds are condors. 10ft wingspan, 4.5ft bodies, 20lbs. Condors inhabit southern California, Arizona, and Utah. Condors eat carrion. 160 miles for food.

Californian Condor

North America's largest waterfowl is the trumpeter swan. They have 6.5-foot wingspan and 5-foot bodies. Trumpeter swans can weigh 30 pounds but still fly long distances.

Trumpeter Swan

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