9 Homegrown Fruit Trees

Early-blooming pear trees are bush, rootstock, espalier, U-shaped. Protect blossoming branches against late frost. Moonglow and Bartlett are great.

Pear Trees

It can be grown as a bush, rootstock, or espalier. Best varieties are Gala, Fuji, Pink Lady, and Ashmead's. Sierra, Liberty, and Gordon are baking-friendly.

 Apple Trees

Self-fertile modern cherry trees only need one. Net the tree when fruit ripens. Cherry bushes and rootstocks can be grown. Stella and Lapins rock.

Cherry Trees

Plum trees are low-maintenance, self-fertile, and productive. As a bush or rootstock. Greengages are delicious and sweet.

Plum Trees

Pixie-cot apricots and Bonanza peaches are unbeatable. These containers don't need much pruning.  These trees can be brushed for pollen.

Peach Trees

Beautiful fan-leafed potted trees. Their fragrant leaves and tasty fruits are summer pleasures. Winter fruits of Brown Turkey need care.

Fig Trees

Calamondin oranges are great for beginners. These trees produce small, spherical, sour fruits when raw. These fruits make fantastic marmalade.

Orange Trees

Meyer Lemon combines lemon with mandarin. They're great for cooking &lemonade. The 2-foot dwarf grows slowly. Summer-grown and winter-bought.

Lemon Trees

The 3-foot-tall dwarf cultivars are ideal for patios. They can stay outside in the hot months but should be brought inside in the winter.

Pomegranate Trees

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