The 9 Best Indoor Plants for a Healthy Home

The Rubber Plant is lovely. It has lovely leaves, making it a fantastic house focal point. Its big leaves attract bacteria and mould spores, cleaning your house for you.

Rubber Plant

Spider plants are ideal for folks with brown thumbs. It's a beautiful hanging plant. It tolerates over- or under-watering well.

Spider Plant

Interesting plant: Dracaena Marginata. Hardy plant. A little care can revive something you've ignored. This plant needs sunshine and water.

 Dracaena Marginata

Indoor snake plants are fantastic. Unique plant. Research shows snake plants provide the most oxygen indoors. Snake Plant cleans air.

Snake Plant

Superhero Aloe Vera. Light-loving succulent. This bathroom plant absorbs moisture effectively. It's low-maintenance. This superplant purifies the air at night

 Aloe Vera

Classic ZZ Plant. Easy-care plant. It needs only once-every-two-weeks watering and low light. This houseplant eliminates benzene, xylene, and toluene.

ZZ Plant

Ivy makes a good houseplant. This fast-growing plant is great for a bedroom or living room. This plant prefers dry soil.

English Ivy

Majesty Palm is an attractive tropical plant. Easy to survive. Well-watered and near a sunny window, this plant flourishes.

Majesty Palm

Pothos Ivy purifies air. It eliminates poisons and provides oxygen. This plant is great for beginners!

Pothos Ivy

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