The Bichon Frise is a white powder-puff on legs. She's a joyful, happy dog who excels in obedience. She's a fantastic family pet, especially for older kids.

Bichon Frise

Bulldogs' intimidating exterior belies their friendly nature. Bulldogs are gentle dogs who don't realise their strength and can knock over the unwary.


"Lassie dog" is a long- or short-coated sheep-herding breed. Collies are smart, sensitive, and trainable. They're loving, devoted, and child-protective.


Tibbie is a medium-sized dog with a silky facial coat. He's a friendly, smart, quiet, happy dog who makes friends easily

Tibetan Terrier

Short and medium-haired. This large canine is slow to learn and scent-driven. Most are calm and make good pets, but their size might hurt a child.

Saint Bernard

Bullmastiffs are calm, good-natured, gentle dogs with a dignified look. She's protective of her family's youngsters but may be wary of their acquaintances.


Maltese have white fur. Her topknot reveals her face. Tiny children aren't flawless; she's quiet, kind, and routine-oriented. Fur needs maintenance.


Labrador Retrievers' intellect and willingness to please make them superb hunters, perfect friends, and successful search-and-rescue partners.

Labrador Retriever

Despite her appearance, the Greyhound is friendly. Shy greyhounds learn slowly. Running helps her adjust to apartment life.


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