8 natural skin-care tips

You can't sleep with wrinkles, but you can ignore them. Side sleepers may rub their face on their pillow, generating friction. Long sleep causes wrinkles.

 Sleep on a silk

All physiological systems, not just skin, benefit from water. It helps the liver cleanse toxins, reduces puffiness, and enhances renal function.

Drink water

Skin sometimes lags behind how we feel or what we ate last week. If you eat mostly added sugar and refined carbs, your skin may suffer.

Opting out of sugar

Hot water "melts" sebum, drying the skin. Lukewarm water washes without removing oils. 1-minute cleanser massage.

wash your face

When stressed, our bodies release cortisol. This hormone initiates our flight or fight reaction, but stress fatigues it.

Manage stress

Sweating is good for the body and the skin. When we move, blood circulates, carrying oxygen and nutrients to our cells. This gives skin a shine and helps it heal faster.


It constricts blood vessels, depleting oxygen, vitamins, and nutrients from the skin. Exhaled harmful smoke can create blackheads around the mouth and cheeks.

Avoid smoking

We manufacture new collagen while sleeping, which keeps our face supple and wrinkle-free. Human growth hormone, produced while we sleep, helps heal daily damage.


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