8 little parrot species

African lovebirds learn tricks and commands quickly. African lovebirds may bite if handled violently; watch young children.


Parakeets are common in C.S.A. Popular, easygoing, and little. Parakeets from Quaker. Feathers green, blue, yellow, red.

Quaker Parakeet 

Red-faced parrots can communicate, but their voices aren't clear. More than half of its 13-inch length is tail.

Red-Faced Parrot

Grey-white, white-grey striped, and white with blue head and back parakeets. Beautiful colours. Rose-ringed parakeets are blue, yellow, pied, and albino. 

Rose-Ringed Parakeet

Sun conures are the most popular pet-store parrot. Beautiful and laidback. 6-10 inch, 100 gramme, 15-30 year South American birds.

Sun Conure

Asian and African parrots are Senegals. Some warm-climate birds can withstand cold better than others on this list. 8-inch birds.

Senegal Parrot

These African birds, also known as the all-grey, are intelligent. When fostered with attention by a trainer, they can become tame.

Timneh parrot

These Australian birds, known as Barnardius, are popular pets. They're affectionate, too. Dark plumage with an orange ring around their neck is usual.

Barnardius Zonarius

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