6 Indicators of Your Partner Might be Cheating

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1) Heavy Guarding the phone

This adage about cheating is often true. People with affairs change passwords often and hate putting down their phones.

They may turn off notifications or forbid their companion from changing the music or using navigation while driving.

2) They Have new Hobby

Your partner may have joined a bowling league or book club. If anything seems sketchy, that's a red flag. 

Going to the gym, running, or engaging in other forms of strenuous exercise are the most common. Whenever you try to elicit details about their sudden interest, they tend to be evasive.

3) They Overshare

It's common for people who tell lies to go overboard with their explanations, providing more information than is necessary when they are presenting the truth.

''How was your night out with friends?''
 The cheater retells details, names, and events that may or may not have happened.

4) Accusing you of cheating

A common symptom of infidelity among survivors of narcissistic abuse is when the cheater accuses the cheating partner of cheating. 

The non-cheating partner spends so much time defending themselves and attempting to convince the other person that they aren't cheating.

5) A friend going through crisis

If your partner, who is not generally an empathic, disappears frequently to "assist a buddy" who is going through something, this could be a sign of infidelity. 

This action could also be accompanied by a statement from your partner that it would be unjust for them not to soothe their friend.

6) Showering More Often

When someone is attempting to conceal having sex with another partner, they frequently take care to remove the new aroma.

This red sign doesn't necessarily mean your S.O. is cheating, but it's worth noting, especially when combined with other odd behavior.

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