4 Types Of Men Who Will Never Prioritize You

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1) Men lacking passion

The problem with people who lack passion and purpose is that they are generally suffering from an internal conflict. 

They have identity issues, prioritizing their careers and responsibilities over knowing themselves. They lack fundamental foundation, making them unable to create a healthy relationship foundation.

2) Men with chaotic lives

Those of you who are constantly trying to fix others are making excuses for your spouses' immaturity by assuming that things will change. 

Understand that you will simply exhaust yourself. Don't get upset because you chose these projects only to discover that you're hitting your head against a brick wall.

3) Men set in their own ways

People who are older and have had no, very few, or limited significant primary relationships can become very set in their ways.

This means they are set in their ways of doing life alone, making it difficult to prioritize someone else, especially on the front lines of learning each other.

4) Men wanting commitment but not acting like

There are "casual relationship males" who offer or require monogamy from the outset, yet have no desire for a serious partnership.

This is more difficult to recognize than the others, as we feel that requesting or granting exclusivity is an indication of commitment and a desire to explore a relationship.

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