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11 Ways to Kill Time at The Airport!

1) Eat Some Food

You will likely become hungry at some time, so at the very least, treat yourself to a wonderful lunch or sandwich. Unless you are departing from a small airport.

2) Stand and watch crowd

There is no better site to people-watch than an airport, given that so many individuals pass through each day. Plus, time will pass much more quickly!

3) Get social

Instead of people-watching, talk to someone. Airports are good places to meet strangers from around the world.

4) Listen a podcast or music

When you have a lot of time on your hands, there's nothing better than listening to music or a good podcast. Keep some playlists on hand in case the Wi-Fi fails.

5) Check out the airport art

Spend airport time learning about the country you're leaving. Paintings and sculptures will keep you busy.

6) Go shopping

Airport shopping can be pricey, but there's a wide selection. Large airports should have souvenirs, cosmetics, clothes, and electronics.

7) Sort out your travel photos

Who doesn't enjoy a great holiday photograph? Take your time while waiting to sort them and determine which ones have social media potential.

8) Call an old friend

Utilize all that idle time to reconnect with an old buddy. When you enjoy a chat with someone you haven't spoken to in a long, time will pass quickly.

9) Take a walk

Airports are typically expansive with numerous terminals, shops, and areas to explore. Utilize your time to explore the area and discover what there is to see.

10) Book a lounge

Why not take some time to relax at a lounge if you have a lengthy layover? You'll enjoy nice seats and some solitude and quiet.

11) Read a book

The time spent waiting at the airport is ideal for reading a book or magazine. With an engaging book, disconnect your mind from your phone and the surrounding environment.

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