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10 Do's & Don'ts of Secondhand Shopping!

1) Do- Take Your Measurements

If you're shopping online or at a secondhand store without a fitting room, use a measuring tape to take your measurements beforehand.

2) Do- Inspect clothes closely

Most antique or secondhand items will not be in pristine condition, but certain rips and tears are more manageable than others.

3) Do- Learn about material & labels

If you're looking through a collection of old furniture or clothing, pay attention to the tags and maker's marks to identify the item's quality and history.

4) Do- Test electronics before buying

If you buy an Instant Pot for $6 and it won't even turn on when you get it home, it's a complete waste of money.

5) Do- Bring someone with you

When faced with a mammoth antique mall, it's much easier to divide and conquer. Go thrifting with a buddy who has the same thrift store itch.

1) Don'ts- Don't buy loose or big clothes

If the blouse doesn't fit, it wasn't meant to be. Also, don't buy something too small only to diet to fit into it.

2) Don'ts- Buying without checking price online

Do a fast Google search before purchasing an expensive piece of furniture or an expensive suit to ensure that the resale business is charging a fair amount.

3) Don'ts- Forgetting to take your own donations

Drop off that bag of clothing you've had sitting in your closet for months while you're out thrifting.

4) Don'ts- Be afraid to haggle

Haggling is the name of the game in places like secondhand shops and flea markets. Make an offer if you're interested in something.

5) Don'ts- Buying items that are not safe secondhand

It's best not to buy used products like car seats and bicycle helmets unless you absolutely need them.

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